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Find a Metaphor

Lately I’ve noticed more participants get hung up in trainings where the trainer is trying to teach them a concept, by referencing other abstract concepts. I watched one group go glassy-eyed when the speaker told them nonprofit lobbying was like advocacy, but within a legal framework. Huh? Kudos to that facilitator for not simply offering

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Tool for Mapping Relationships

Thanks to Texans Together, Mi Familia Vota-TX and other folks from Houston and Austin for helping me re-think this tool at the Texas Table conference last month. Download This Tool (includes diagram)   Mapping Your People Here’s a networking activity for looking at what opportunities, organizations or people are just outside your network. It was originally

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Facilitation Tool: “Strategic Planning Road Trip”

Here’s an activity I developed to help a neighborhood group plan their campaign to bring live music back to six area restaurants. (Through a loophole in liquor license regulations all live music had been effectively banned by a group of five people who forced the restaurants to sign “voluntary agreements.” Not so voluntary, if you

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