Supporting Alternatives to Middle Class Standard Time

It looks like Middle Class Standard Time is more resonant than I’d thought – 2,500 of you from Facebook can’t be wrong.

There will probably be more to say, but for now I wanted to offer two options for supporting meeting & facilitation culture from a place of abundance, and which undermines our oppression-based enforcement of middle class values.

Training for Change’s 3-day training of trainers – much of what I’ve learned about facilitating from a place of abundance has come in collaboration with participants & trainers at TFC’s series of trainings for trainers. Organizations looking to shift their cultural practices around meetings & facilitation have often invited TFC to give versions of this workshop.

Scholarship Fund for Trainers of Color &  Raised Poor/Working Class Trainers – One of the best ways to undermine MST is to support leaders from working class communities. TFC has made a commitment to support leadership by trainers of color and raised poor/working class trainers by making it easier for them to attend trainings for trainers, access mentoring and to host public workshops specifically for people of color. You can donate here, and specify “Scholarship Fund”.

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