Living Radical Love

            I have been living radical love for over 50 years.  In my indigenous orientation I call it the Porvida Path. For years I have lived to create goodness for me, all people, and our Mother Earth.  During these years I have sought to share this path with others, yet he has taken time to find my full courage and clear explanations.   Only recently I began to find the words to explain porvida thinking and living to people who genuinely care about children, lives, and our Mother Earth.

            Porvida living is choosing to live your life as a wonderful opportunity to create goodness in all your interactions.  Porvida thinking involves the realization that the core character of our spirit is porvida—energy that is for life, love and evolutionary change.  Porvida means for life, love, and evolutionary change.   We are here to enjoy life, grow in our maturity to love, and evolve our individual and collective ability to be more human and in deeper relationship with our spirit. Pursuing this path is living radical love. 

            Radical love involves accepting that we are all part of the miracle of life and that our inner essence is the energy of creation and spirit.  Again, our inner self is for life, love, and positive change.   So, love yourself to be yourself.  Draw from the love energy and wisdom within you to create beauty and joy for yourself and those you love.  Create a life of caring, sharing, surviving, and growing together. 

            Living radical love saved me because it allowed me to blossom my life into comfort, health, happiness, meaning, and creativity.  Radical love is the energy of love within me that yearns to be in connection and service to all of life.  It enables me to feel tremendous love for all human beings.  These feelings inspire me to want to do good for me, all others, and our Mother Earth.  Radical love has made me the dedicated organizer and planning consultant aiding community service organizations to be their best.  It has encouraged me to utilize my time as an author, father, gardener, leadership coach, university instructor, and ceremony leader to create love for positive change.  

            The consequence for me has been a beautiful collaborative life partner, respectful children, a living income, influential work, and the anticipation of regular meal time prayers with my partner.  With these prayers we share our gratitude for blessings and send positive energy to others.  Not to say that we do not occasionally live with challenges and stresses, yet living radical love involves learning how to handle them with flow and grace. 

            I write of radical love is to inspire you to choose love and power to create the positive life of your dreams.  For me this is porvida living. 

            You deserve a joyful life and you choose to become more your true self and blossom the love within you.  Your choice will require learning to utilize your full intelligence and heart to create positive moments, actions, energy, and change that will make life better, healthier, and more fulfilling for you and all our relations.  You say YES, because it is all about living your purpose!

Reflections and Actions

            What do you feel grateful for?  Generate a list of ten items. Review those items and allow yourself to actually feel the gratitude for each. Often when we surrender to our deepest feelings of gratitude we feel an uplift of the love energy within us. 

            Hopefully, these pages will invite you to feel the power of your love.  So maintain a consciousness to note when you are feeling your love, what it feels like, and what brings on this sense of your life energy. 

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