I write to share my wisdom about living radical love and to encourage you to share yours.  Every day we seek to live with gratitude and love, we learn lessons about self-love, caring for family, uplifting others, connecting with spirit, and creating positive change.  As I share my insights, please respond with your thoughts and learning, so we can all grow together.  I extend my thanks!

Recent Posts (Writings)

Vote for Life!

With my intelligence and heart I vote for Life!  For 2020 this means voting for the Democratic Party from City Council person to the President.  I want people leading government who care about our children, families, working people, caring businesses, and a sustainable Earth.   I know the Democratic party will provide such leadership, especially becauseContinue reading “Vote for Life!”

Radical Fireworks

Today, the 4th of July, I am sending forth the fireworks of radical love to celebrate for our Nation’s Birthday and to be in gratitude for our human ability to mature and transform.             I am a Chicano elder, an indigenous person of color who, perhaps twenty-five years ago, felt too much anger to beContinue reading “Radical Fireworks”

Unleash Our Dad Power!

Seven Ways for Dads to Celebrate Father’s Day This is an appeal to all Dads!  Let us make this Father’s Day a time to honor fathers and self-reflect on how we can become even better Dads.  Our families need increase dialogue and love, and our communities and society need greater positive change to ensure aContinue reading “Unleash Our Dad Power!”

Live Happiness!

            Happiness is smiling inside because you are living love and purpose.              When you are living love you create an energy flow that makes you healthy and happy from the inside out.  Living your purpose adds to your happiness because you feel more fulfilled because you are doing what you are here on MotherContinue reading “Live Happiness!”

Ways to Honor our Mothers

I was working the garden and mediating on my mom’s life.  It is Mother’s Day tomorrow so I reflected on what would my Mama Tita appreciate as a gift? The thought came to mind. Mom would love to see her family sharing a meditation on prayer. Mama Tita would be delighted to see her familyContinue reading “Ways to Honor our Mothers”

Mothers’ Day 2020

Mother’s Day is not solely a “day occasion” to honor our mothers, but the opportunity to devote a number of days to celebrate our beloved mothers and those in our community who may not have had children, yet have served their families and communities as mothers. I share several of my Mother’s Day activities toContinue reading “Mothers’ Day 2020”

My Tribe—People of Ollin

I was at an art show of “Native American” art when an elderly white gentleman asked, who was my tribe?  I responded, “I belong to the People of Ollin.” When he gave me that familiar puzzled look, I continued.  “My origins go back to the indigenous people of Mesoamerica.”  “Just what I thought,” he said,Continue reading “My Tribe—People of Ollin”

Living Radical Love

            I have been living radical love for over 50 years.  In my indigenous orientation I call it the Porvida Path. For years I have lived to create goodness for me, all people, and our Mother Earth.  During these years I have sought to share this path with others, yet he has taken time toContinue reading “Living Radical Love”

To Survive & Thrive: Be Family

I am a futurist, therapist, and leadership coach, and also a parent, partner, uncle and brother.   Born and raised in Santa Paula, I view our families as one of our greatest resources we have to survive and thrive during these challenging times.             Growing up in our Santa Clara River Valley, my experience included theContinue reading “To Survive & Thrive: Be Family”

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