My purpose is to support people like you.


My name is Róbe Canek and my drum beat is an invitation to connect more with your spirit, become more your true person, and enjoy living love for self, family, community, and our Mother Earth.

 In my cultural tradition, I am a Porvida Teacher, I am here to aide you to become your true porvida self—to be the love, joy, and positive change you desire for our world.  

My writings are to provide you insights and wisdom on porvida living as a way to live as a force for life, love, and evolutionary change.  

Vote for Life!

With my intelligence and heart I vote for Life!  For 2020 this means voting for the Democratic Party from City Council person to the President.  I want people leading government who care about our children, families, working people, caring businesses, and a sustainable Earth.   I know the Democratic party will provide such leadership, especially becauseContinue reading “Vote for Life!”

Radical Fireworks

Today, the 4th of July, I am sending forth the fireworks of radical love to celebrate for our Nation’s Birthday and to be in gratitude for our human ability to mature and transform.             I am a Chicano elder, an indigenous person of color who, perhaps twenty-five years ago, felt too much anger to beContinue reading “Radical Fireworks”