Vote for Life!

With my intelligence and heart I vote for Life!  For 2020 this means voting for the Democratic Party from City Council person to the President.  I want people leading government who care about our children, families, working people, caring businesses, and a sustainable Earth.   I know the Democratic party will provide such leadership, especially because we are going to help them to stay responsible and on the wise path!

I am a father, Mexican-American indigenous healer, business consultant, and Doctor of Public Health celebrating my 70th birth year.  Given my life experience as a healer, family advocate, university researcher, and community leader, I say that to ensure a safer life for our children and the greater multicultural community, we need to make the Democratic Party win Big across the board in 2020!

We need government leaders who will fight for the survival and success of all working and middle class people at present and in our future.   Joe Biden has proven his commitment, but more importantly, he belongs to a party that is responsible about creating positive change.   The Trump administration is about forcing government to support the super wealthy and about white folks who do not want to see positive change for people of color.  Already, Trump will fire a person, and intimidate and harass them when they disagree.  Given another four years, he may jail and kill folks for speaking truth or promoting positive, responsible change.

During the 1970’s I co-founded one of the first mental health centers using cultural wisdom for family healing.  Next, I found myself appointed by President Carter to advise the US government on how to better serve minority people. Meanwhile, I was invited by the Swedish government to help them prevent the evolution of racism in Sweden.  I know how good government can serve the people.  I know the Democratic Party will serve us in this way. 

In going to Washington, D.C. and traveling the country in my advisory role during the Carter administration, I met many people in government whose purpose was to be a responsible civil servant.  They were Democrats. This is the same kind of person that the Biden/Harris ticket will bring to government service – people who will make the hard decisions to ensure that the COVID deaths are diminished, that will prepare our cities and towns for the coming environmental catastrophes, that will make education and medical services more accessible to all, and that will create jobs that are about supporting the livelihood, survival, and success of all  people of our US American society.

Step into your courage and think about your life purpose.  Is it to continue to be about self only, or is it to expand your power for love and positive change for you, your family, and your community?  If you love life, love all people and our Earth, vote Democrat.  Urge others to vote and be kind and of service to all!  May you be blessed with wonderful health and spirit!

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