Radical Fireworks

Today, the 4th of July, I am sending forth the fireworks of radical love to celebrate for our Nation’s Birthday and to be in gratitude for our human ability to mature and transform.

            I am a Chicano elder, an indigenous person of color who, perhaps twenty-five years ago, felt too much anger to be celebrative of our Nation’s Birthday. Given the racism I had experienced throughout my life, the enthusiastic American pride I had felt as a youngster morphed into a passive disgust for our Nation, which held so many contradictions.  Thankfully, I also a passion to seek justice for my community.

            Fortunately, the beauty of our human experience is that we here on Mother Earth to continually grow and develop our ability to understand, love, and transform. A number of years ago, Grace Lee Boggs, one of our nation’s great twentieth century social thinkers and activists, confronted me with a challenge, “Love your community enough to make our Nation great for all!”

            It took a while for me to take-in the learning inherent in her challenge. Yet, I came to appreciate that our nation, despite its shortcoming, does represent one of the greatest evolutions of humanity’s ability to create a society that works for all. So, we people with good hearts must do our best to aid this country to become its best.

            For this reason, I have been preparing myself today to launch my fireworks!  I am sending out energy the color of iridescent jade to extend my profound thanks to ALL the young people who have been mobilizing on the streets to awaken our society to the fact that Black Lives Matter, and that individual and institutional racism must end.

            To all the multicultural activists who over the years have engaged in the marches, committee meetings, and homework to make our society more fair and respectful of all people, I send my gratitude in the form of florescent gold energy. May each and every one of these activists feel valued and re-energized for seeking to make our world better.

            To these communities and all others of good heart, I send out the energy of hope, courage, and wisdom that they may connect more with their spirit to be the wise activist healers that our society needs today. My meditation, which may generate energy the color of platinum, will be for them to connect with their core energy of love so that they develop their super powers and together we can make the billion miracles happen to transform racism and injustice, and ensure a sustainable Mother Earth and society for generations to come.

            To all my other brothers and sisters, who are yet to connect more fully with their human compassion and intelligence, I send much love energy of florescent rose. May they be moved to realize that we are all part of the same human family, and that the mission we all share is to connect more with our true spirit and evolve our capacity for maturity and love.

            So, among the colors you see tonight, you may see those light flashed generated by me and others who are choosing to live radical love by sending radical love energy to all people. May we all continue expanding our ability to evolve a nation and world that works for all.

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