BLM: Fight for Our Communities

When I hear “Black Lives Matter” I get angry, frustrated, and inspired. Yes, Black Lives and all Life Matters!   So, what are we doing to ensure justice for all Black, Brown, and White people?   I know I am going to continue fighting for our Black communities, all communities, and our Mother Earth. 

I am a parent, indigenous community healer, and a Doctor of Public Health.  I know our Mother Earth is heating up and we have begun experiencing the “World Problematique.”  This is the word used by many scientists to reference the suicidal danger existing for all human life because of the poisoning of air, water and soil, evolving food shortages, oceans rising, military build-ups, Earth burning, COVID-19, and all the other real challenges. 

Dedicate Your Caring Action

We all need to be fighting for our communities and life!  We need to dedicate our caring action to ensure a good life for loved ones, the children on our streets, all people, and ourselves.  By fighting I mean consciously “proacting” to make a positive difference for self, family, and our communities.

For our young people, fighting means do your best to be a good daughter and son; figure about how to develop your income skills, and do your part to create positive energy and change.  This might be helping the elderly, inspiring young kids to pursue learning, or getting out the vote. 

For our professional people fighting is taking care of your family and working with others to make your profession, organization, or corporation more responsible!  All companies must commit to and encourage the well-being of all our societies and Mother Earth.  Professional folks, you need to do your personal development, provide proactive leadership support for your communities, and work to make your profession or business accountable to fairness and respect for all people and our world.

Porvida Living

This kind of fighting I call Porvida Living.  Porvida is living for fun, joy, learning, work, and positive change.  Porvida means “to be for life, love, and evolutionary change.”  Every day as a partner, family person, community activist, organizational psychologist, and ceremony leader I seek to create energy for love and positive change via all my actions.  This is lifestyle activism.  It is actively caring for all our relations, fighting for life and Mother Earth, and at the same time seeking to enjoy the path of fun and learning.

As a family person and community leader I am committed to the vision of a healthy world with healthy people living with respect for life and each other. I also know that we can make it happen in all the little and big things we do.  

When I communicate with any person, I seek to make it positive for them and me.  Around the house I try to be fair about the household chores and responsibilities.  As an organizational psychologist I seek to aide proactive organizations to become their best by engaging them in strategic planning, team-building, and leadership development.  As a neighbor I extend smiles to people on my street, lend support to others, and when possible encourage them to vote for people committed to positive change.  In my meditations and prayers I send energy for positive health and spirit for folks I know and sometimes don’t know who are also battling for the well-being of our communities.

Choose Radical Love Yes, Black lives and all life matters!  For this reason, I urge you to connect with your purpose and spirit and choose to optimize your ability to live radical love and positive change.  In this way we fight to be the change and advance our movement to create a healthy and sustainable world for all.

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