Ways to Honor our Mothers

I was working the garden and mediating on my mom’s life.  It is Mother’s Day tomorrow so I reflected on what would my Mama Tita appreciate as a gift? The thought came to mind. Mom would love to see her family sharing a meditation on prayer. Mama Tita would be delighted to see her family create circle time to talk story, mutual support, or share gratitude.

            A vision appeared.  I saw my brothers and our families in the yard sharing safe distance yet close enough to hear each other express gratitude to our Mama Tita.  Gathering would be good for us and make mom’s spirit happy seeing us continue to connect even during the challenges of the virus. 

            I called my local brothers and cousin to explore if such a gathering would be possible Sunday.  The timing didn’t seem to work, yet other ideas came up.  Maybe each of us in our own way could commit to send out good prayers or good thoughts on her behalf, or during the week some of us could gather at Mama Tita’s gravesite to visit and leave our well wishes.  

            The idea of gathering to do a prayer or talking circle on another day made sense. I was already committed to facilitate my wife’s family Mother’s Day gathering to involve about 16 of her family members.  For this Zoom event (video teleconference) we were inviting five mothers to communicate their thoughts on motherhood, and then for the group to share gratitude to the oldest sister who has been like the family mom for everyone. 

            Then, we had a planned a surprise Zoom gathering for my wife and daughters.  This gathering will include a sage burning ceremony and the invitation to share heart words for mom.  I already know we will all be inspired by the love we express.

Recommendations to Honor Mothers

            Given my experience I have several recommendations of possible ways to honor our mothers including our daughters, sisters, wife, mother, aunties, grandmothers, or neighbors. 

For deceased mothers.  Take time to think about them.  Remember what were their best qualities or their gifts to you.  Then with your thoughts or vocalized words express thanks to them.  Maybe visit their gravesite with other available family members to gift to them flowers and some dedicated time.  Also, find an opportunity to share with the young ones the special qualities of their departed elders.

For alive mothers.  Remember what makes them special, call them-up and thank them.  Consider making your own unique Mother’s Day card with photos of them and family.  If you plan to organize a physical family gathering make it a small group so you can practice virus safety.  Or, drive by their home with you happy mother’s day signs and leave your card, flowers, meal or a gift. 

For wives.  Think about what would make your wife feel appreciated, and try to make it happen.  I have already designed a card for her with photos of her and family.  We have a surprise zoom gathering scheduled and I have arranged a pick-up order of her favorite food.  I also plan to be on my best and loving behavior.

For other mothers.  I aided my wife in decorating a dozen Mother’s Day cards and to most I added my best wishes.  I made calls to several young mothers to thank them for being such dedicated mothers and proactivists.  Proactivists are dedicated movers of positive change and community betterment. 

Dr. Dulce Lopez cares for her children and works to empower young women and community.

            All these activities are reflective of porvida living—mindfully seeking to live love and respect with all our relations.  Add to the list with your expressions of appreciation and love.

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