Healer Calls Us to Strengthen Our Relationship with Mother Earth

Vercila Chacon, Chicana maestra and healer woman has put out a call.  This coming full moon, June 5th, all who care for our Mother Earth are requested to gift to our Mother an offering and a commitment.  As we have entered the Decade of Transformation, it is essential that we create a real bond andContinue reading “Healer Calls Us to Strengthen Our Relationship with Mother Earth”

Ways to Honor our Mothers

I was working the garden and mediating on my mom’s life.  It is Mother’s Day tomorrow so I reflected on what would my Mama Tita appreciate as a gift? The thought came to mind. Mom would love to see her family sharing a meditation on prayer. Mama Tita would be delighted to see her familyContinue reading “Ways to Honor our Mothers”