Live Happiness!

            Happiness is smiling inside because you are living love and purpose. 

            When you are living love you create an energy flow that makes you healthy and happy from the inside out.  Living your purpose adds to your happiness because you feel more fulfilled because you are doing what you are here on Mother Earth to do.

            I have my emotional ups and downs, yet I mostly feel content and happy because I am consciously living love and my purpose.  I know that my inner purpose is to mature my ability to love and that my mission is to make the world better.  Because I live every day seeking to live love and better our world, I am happy!

            I can be doing tough labor in the yard, moving dirt, sweating, weeding, and trimming, and be feeling happy because I’m caring for the plants, respecting nature, and creating beauty.  I am living love for my Mother Earth.

            I can be shopping for groceries and be happy because I get to practice being friendly and polite to others.  I am lifting others up and it makes me even happier, when the cashier accepts that I am sincerely wishing them a good day.  This is living love.

            I can be putting the food away, washing the dishes, and cleaning the kitchen, and be happy.  Mixed with the happiness there can also be frustration because I would rather be doing something else, but it feels good to be fair.  My wife cooked so I should clean.

            I experience almost a constant feeling of happiness.  It is not a jump-up feeling of happiness, but a content joy because life is good and I am making it better by living love.

            I believe this happy contentment started with feeling gratitude for my blessings and also a sense pleasure and accomplishment in acting with love.  I began more consciously choosing to make my actions about applied love like being thoughtful, fair, and uplifting of others.  The combination of these thoughts and actions brought on my inner happiness.

            Learning to live love and feel happiness does take commitment, practice and learning.  I don’t always get it right because I can be dumb, get lazy and behave selfishly, yet I know I will do my best to learn from my experience.  Committed to this practice, I can be happy.

            For me porvida living makes me happy because I am living for life, love, and evolutionary change.  I seek to make all my activities and interactions opportunities to respect life or express positivity.  I strive to be love and I’m happy because I know I will continue trying, learning and smiling from the inside out.  This is Porvida Living.   

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