Healer Calls Us to Strengthen Our Relationship with Mother Earth

Vercila Chacon, Chicana maestra and healer woman has put out a call.  This coming full moon, June 5th, all who care for our Mother Earth are requested to gift to our Mother an offering and a commitment. 

As we have entered the Decade of Transformation, it is essential that we create a real bond and relationship with our Mother Earth, and this is how we can begin.  Go into your yard or neighborhood park and find a sacred place to scoop up some earth and there leave an offering and your commitment. Your offering can be a seed, cut fruit, the ashes of your last sage burning, a cup of water, or whatever you choose to symbolize your desired connection to our Mother Earth. 

The commitment you leave is whatever you are compelled to make at this time.  It can be to live with increase gratitude, turn the water faucet off when brushing your teeth, discontinue so much meat consumption, learn to grow food, etc. Invite others to join you or to participate on their land or outdoor space. Know that others are doing the same around our continent, Turtle Island, and world.

Later that evening call others to share about your experience.  That evening I will be gathering with a Men’s Council which has been meeting for the first Friday of the month over the past 33 years.  Via our Zoom gathering I look forward to hearing and being reinspired by our various commitments.

As a community organizer who earned a doctorate degree years ago studying our future and strategies to stop the destruction of our environment, I am glad for all actions that strengthen our commitment to Mother Earth. This is the decade in which we need to create billions of miracles of individual, community and social action to ensure a healthy future for our human family and Earth.   

For years my commitment has been porvida living, living for life, love, and positive change to advance a healthy world for all people.  Let’s do it together!

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